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Transition Training for Parents - Module 4: Educational Opportunities

Audience: Parents | Topic: Special Education | Hosted by: Office of Special Education

On-Demand format. Transition Training for Parents - Module 4: Educational Opportunities
On-Demand format

Education after high school can include 2 or 4-year colleges as well as vocational training programs while in high school and into adulthood. We’ll cover the range of options for the range of student needs and abilities.



  1. Colorado Concurrent Enrollment
  2. Career & Technology Education
  3. Colorado CTE Website
  4. Inclusive Higher Education Certificate Program
  5. College Living Experience
  6. IN! Pathways to Inclusive Higher Education
  7. Think College
  8. Colorado Community Colleges

Notes: Update on Colorado colleges. Colorado Inclusive Higher Education opened three new programs- at Colorado State University, Regis University and Metropolitan State University (MSU). The program Cathi Allen started privately at MSU has become Inclusive Higher Education Solutions inside of MSU.

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