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Colorado Department of Education Professional Development - ASD Identification within Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations (Tri-State Webinars)

ASD Identification within Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations (Tri-State Webinars)

Audience: Educators, Other District/School Staff, Community Partners | Topic: Autism, English Learners, Special Education | Hosted by: Office of Special Education

Webinar format. ASD Identification within Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations (Tri-State Webinars)
Webinar format

Presented by: Bryn Harris, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Colorado Denver

Webinar Description:

Disparities in ASD identification, particularly by race/ethnicity and socioeconomic indicators, have been documented for decades. Despite the awareness, reduction of these disparities has been limited. This advanced-level webinar will provide national data pertaining to trends in clinical and educational ASD identification disparities. Participants will gain knowledge pertaining to the potential impact of culture and language on specific ASD identification assessments and promising practices that lead to earlier and more accurate ASD identification in traditionally underserved populations. This presentation is targeted to school-based professionals conducting ASD assessment for educational identification.

Learning Objectives:

  • Awareness in national trends pertaining to ASD identification in culturally and linguistically diverse populations
  • Investigation of several ASD specific assessment tools for their cultural and linguistic responsiveness
  • Review of promising practices to encourage more culturally and linguistically responsive ASD identification

Presenter Information

Bryn Harris, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the School Psychology doctoral program in theSchool of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado Denver. She has a secondary appointment in the Department of Pediatrics (Developmental Pediatrics) at the University of Colorado Denver Anschutz Medical Campus. Her primary research interests include the psychological assessment of bilingual learners, culturally and linguistically responsive assessment of autism spectrum disorder, health disparities among children with autism spectrum disorder. Director and founder of the bilingual school psychology program at the University of Colorado Denver. Bilingual (Spanish) licensed psychologist and nationally certified school psychologist.

Event Date and Time

  • Wednesday, January 29, 2020 -
    2:30pm to 3:15pm


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