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News Release - Education Commissioner Katy Anthes to step down in July

Dec. 20, 2022

Education Commissioner Katy Anthes to step down in July

DENVER -- Colorado Commissioner Katy Anthes today announced she plans to step down from her position in July 2023.

Anthes has served in the role since May 2016 when she was appointed interim commissioner by the State Board of Education. She was named permanent commissioner by the board in December 2016.  She held several executive positions at the department prior to becoming commissioner.  

“I am really proud of our work at the department over these last six years,” Anthes said. “Through all the challenges, I’ve always been committed to listening to diverse perspectives, and aiming for the productive middle ground on issues that could have divided us – with a clear focus on students. I'm proud to have helped build a culture of responsiveness, transparency and pride in providing excellent customer service at CDE.”

State Board of Education Chairwoman Angelika Schroeder thanked Anthes for her service and credited her for guiding the department and the board through several challenges. 

“Katy’s commitment to collaboration and support laid a positive foundation for our improvement work with districts,” said Board Chairwoman Angelika Schroeder. “Many of the districts that came before the board are now seeing positive trends, and I credit Katy for these outcomes because she understands that we can go farther when we listen to each other and work together respectfully to support students.”

Board Vice Chairman Steve Durham said Anthes has the perfect leadership style to guide the board and stakeholders through difficult policy decisions.

“Dr. Anthes has always been so respectful of different opinions and perspectives and at the same time she’s absolutely committed to the goal of ensuring all students have access to a high quality education,” Durham said. “We’ve been able to make great strides in several key areas under her leadership – especially the expansion of work-based learning opportunities for our high school students and the meaningful implementation of the READ Act to ensure all students are reading at grade level.”

“Serving as education commissioner has been the honor of my life,” Anthes said. “I continue to be inspired and humbled every day by the dedication and expertise of our educators and school and district leaders in Colorado as well as the State Board of Education and staff at the department. It has been a privilege to work alongside them in service of Colorado’s children.  I want to thank the board for their support over the years.  I have learned so much from them and I appreciate their unending support during challenging times.” 

The board is expected to discuss the replacement process early in the new year.