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Student Course Participation and Achievement Report (H.B. 14-1376)


The 2015-16 password protected reports are now available.  The public reports have been released, and are available below.  Keep an eye on the Scoop for additional information. For questions, contact B Sanders at


Colorado has one of the largest achievement gaps in the country and the gap has been a persistent issue. In an attempt to ensure concrete steps are taken to address this gap, the state legislature passed HB 14-1376, which lays out expectations for the state, districts and schools to consider student course taking patterns and the impact on achievement.


CDE was directed to create a report to assist districts and schools in the analysis of course enrollment data – the Student Course Participation and Achievement report. It is intended to have a publicly available view and a much more detailed view that is password protected for designated school and district staff. The purposes of the reports are to:

  • Identify the degree to which student and disaggregated groups of students have opportunities to participate in rigorous courses that would allow them to meet the Colorado Academic Standards
  • Investigate the relationship between the courses students take and their subsequent performance on state assessments
  • Identify courses that may need modifications/improvements

As outlined in the legislation, the report must include:

  • Student participation in each core course level (math, English, science and social science) disaggregated by student groups; and
  • When available, the proficiency levels of students in each core course level as measured on the statewide assessments, disaggregated by student groups.

Schools and districts are required to conduct an analysis of the course enrollment data in their Unified Improvement Plans (UIPs). If disparities are discovered, then actions should be documented in the action plan. The UIP requirements are intended to identify areas for further investigation and ensure steps are taken to provide all students with opportunities to meet college and career readiness expectations. 

Report Access

Public Report

  • The public version of the Student Course Participation and Achievement report is available here.
  • These reports will follow typical public reporting policies (e.g., student groups must contain at least 16 students or more).
  • Users are highly encouraged to use this guidance to ensure accurate use of the data.
  • Note:  The performance portion of the report to the public has not been released because of concerns around participation issues on state assessments which could interfere with providing a representative picture of student performance.

Password Protected Report for Assigned District and School Users

  • The password-protected Student Course Participation and Achievement report is available through CEDAR.   These reports may be set to an n of 1, so there is personally identifiable information and may only be accessed by designated district and school staff.
  • Reports have most recently been updated to reflect 2015-16 data.  More recent will be shared when it is available.

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