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Guides to the Colorado Academic Standards in the Arts

The Arts Standards reflect the innate creativity and rigorous cognition, required to produce a work of art, all students deserve to experience. The standards challenge the elitist perception sometimes associated with the arts, asking all students to stretch their thinking and participate in the creative process inherent in each arts discipline (Know/Comprehend, Create, Perform/Present, and Refine/Critique).

In partnership with the Colorado PTA, family and community guides to the Colorado Academic Standards  (in English and Spanish)  have been created to help families and communities across Colorado better understand the goals and outcomes of the Colorado Academic Standards. The guides describe the “big picture” purpose of the standards, as road maps to help ensure that all Colorado students graduate ready for life, college, and careers. They also provide overviews of the learning expectations for each of the ten content areas of the standards and offer examples of educational experiences that students may engage in, and that families could support, during the school year.

A Special Thank You to...

The Standards and Instructional Support team would like to thank Dr. Carla Aguilar, Dr. Patrick Fahey, Dr. Mary Schuttler, and Judi Hofmeister for their invaluable contributions to the family/community guides for grades six-12 in the Arts. Their expertise and content knowledge was instrumental in creating the guides and helping CDE better support all Coloradans engaged in the successful implementation of the Colorado Academic Standards.

View guides for all of Colorado's core content areas

Colorado Academic Standards Dance Graphic

High School Fundamental Pathway Guide to Dance

High School Extended Pathway Guide to Dance

Middle School Guides to Dance:

Elementary School Guides to Dance

Colorado Academic Standards Music Graphic

High School Performance Guides to Music:

Generalist Pathway/Academic Guides to Music:

Middle School Guides to Music:

Elementary School Guides to Music

Colorado Academic Standards Drama and Theatre Arts Graphic

High School Fundamental Pathway Guides to Drama and Theatre Arts:

High School Extended Pathway Guides to Drama and Theatre Arts:

Middle School Guides to Drama and Theatre Arts:

Elementary Schools Guides to Drama and Theatre Arts

Colorado Academic Standards Visual Arts Graphic

High School Guide to Visual Arts

Middle School Guides to Visual Arts:

Elementary School Guides to Visual Arts


For content specific questions, please contact Karol Gates, Colorado Arts Content Specialist.