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Standards Review and Revision - Dance Committee

Colorado Academic Standards: All Students, All Standards

December 2017 Draft of Proposed Dance Standards

Although the public feedback system is now closed, the link below contains screen shots of that system to use as a reference until the final proposed revisions are developed after the last committee meeting in February

Screenshot Reference Booklet- Dance

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are open to the public. The public is welcome to observe but not participate in committee meetings. Please note the public observation norms.

First Committee Meeting

Second Committee Meeting

Third Committee Meeting

Fourth Committee Meeting

Fifth Committee Meeting

Content-Specific Resources

General Resources

Committee Members


  • Danielle Heller, Lead Arts and Academic Faculty for Immersion Schools

Content Specialist

Committee Members:

  • Linda Marsh, PreK-12 Teacher, St. Mary's Academy
  • Sandra Minton, Co-Coordinator, Dance Education MA, University of Northern Colorado
  • Lisa Morgan, Adjunct Faculty for Dance, Colorado State University
  • Katie Reynolds, Director of Dance and Spanish Teacher at Russell Middle School/ Ballet Director at Dance Unlimited, Colorado Springs School District 11
  • William Stam, Dance Teacher, Denver Public Schools
  • Leslie Williams, Dance Teacher at Liberty High School, Academy District 20

Contact Us

Judi Hofmeister, Arts Consultant for Dance and Drama and Theatre Arts, or 303-866-6576

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