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Administration of the Colorado Preschool Program

District Advisory Council Responsibilities 

The Colorado Preschool Program (CPP) Act was written to assure that community members would guide the development of appropriate, high-quality preschool experiences for children eligible for CPP funds. Each school district is required by statute to establish a district preschool advisory councils. This group is referred to as the CPP District Advisory Council (DAC). The DAC’s duties are to provide informed recommendations and guidance to the local board of education.

No action taken by the DAC shall be final until approved by the local board of education. Further, the school district board of education shall have final responsibility for submittal of the application to participate in the Colorado Preschool Program and for operation and maintenance of the preschool program. 


  • Studying and assessing the need for CPP.
  • Identifying and locating supporting research, and recommend eligibility factors applicable to the community.
  • Advising in the development of a plan for identifying eligible children.
  • Recommending to the local school board whether the program should be provided by the district or by publicly or privately funded providers or a combination.
  • At least every two years, developing and distributing requests for proposals to local publicly funded early childhood education agencies and privately funded centers to determine who will provide program services and recommend qualified providers to the local school board.
  • Participating in the development of proposals to CDE requesting participation in CPP or in the preparation of expansion requests.
  • Providing information and data to CDE for reports on the program.
  • Developing a comprehensive plan for the delivery of services addressing the areas of program quality, staff development, family involvement, family support services, and program evaluation as a part of the Annual Report process.
  • Visiting all settings providing CPP enrollment at least twice per year, to identify strengths and areas for growth.
  • Developing written policies to document and reflect the decisions made by the council.


Members of the district preschool advisory council are appointed for two-year terms and may be reappointed by the superintendent. The district preschool advisory council should meet a minimum of six times per year. Each council should elect a chairperson who will serve a one-year term and may be reelected for a second year.

Members of the DAC are appointed by the school district superintendent and made up of the following representatives:

  • Two parents of children currently attending the district preschool program
  • Two members of the business community
  • Representatives from the following:
    • County or district health department
    • Department of social services
    • County agency involved in job services and training
    • Publicly funded early childhood education agency located in the school district
    • Privately funded child care center located in the school district
    • Charter school located in district that has a preschool program

Local School Board Responsibilities  

According to state statute 22-28-105, local school districts are charged with administering the Colorado Preschool Program (CPP), including establishing the District Advisory Council (DAC). 

  1. Approve the initial school district plan, created by the DAC, for identifying children in the school district that are eligible for participation in the Colorado Preschool Program.
  2. Approve the plan, created by the DAC, for operating the Colorado Preschool Program, including where children should be served, such as a district preschool program, Head Start, private preschool program and/or a combination of programs.*
  3. Through the request for proposal process, approve the specific community preschool program(s) that the school district will contract with to provide preschool programming for children who qualify for CPP funding. These programs complete an application and are recommended by the DAC.
  4. Approve the contract for services between the school district and community preschool provider.
  5. Approve the plan, created by the DAC, for coordinating the district’s Colorado Preschool Program with a. extended day services. b. family support services. c. parent education program.
  6. Approve the plan, created by the DAC, for the annual evaluation of the preschool program.
  7. Assure that monies are spent in accordance with statute and state board rules.
  8. Assure that any fees charged to families receiving CPP funding are considered and carefully approved.
  9. Appoint a CPP Coordinator as a representative of the school district in administering the CPP.

*Children who are served with CPP funding, in contracted preschool sites, are considered school district student

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