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High School Equivalency Testing Program

At the State Board of Education meeting in December 2015, the Board directed Colorado Department of Education (CDE) staff to enter into contract negotiations with vendors of three high school equivalency examinations: GED, HiSET, and TASC. As of 2020, the Department has stopped contracting with TASC; however, any credentials earned through TASC are still valid and accepted for purposes of high school equivalency in the state.

CDE-approved testing centers determine which high school equivalency examination(s) a testing center will offer at each individual location and may choose to administer one or more examination types at their discretion. The approved vendors are responsible for working directly with CDE-approved testing centers to coordinate administration of examination(s).

Sites interested in becoming a testing center for high school equivalency examination(s) must first apply and be approved by CDE. Click here for additional information for HSE testing centers.

Testing centers that administer the GED can continue to schedule GED exams as usual. GED is the high school equivalency exam that has been utilized in Colorado for approximately the past 45 years. GED is continuing as one of the eligible vendors.