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Graduation Guidelines & Graduation Requirements - Sample District Policies

Aligning Local Graduation Requirements with Graduation Guidelines

Cañon City Schools

  • District Policies:  IKF-2 (policy) and IKF-2-E (Exhibit)
  • The Cañon City Pathways Program  is a three-year curriculum, inclusive of a graduation capstone, that is designed to "inject relevance and engagement to learning, and prepare students for postsecondary education and the workforce."  Detailed information is included in the Pathways Handbook (PDF)

Custer County C-1 

  • Board Policies, IKF-2-E
  • Career Pathways (from Student-Parent Handbook): "Success after high school is dependent upon many factors, and not limited to, education, work ethic, parental support and planning.  Career Pathways are intended to assist students in planning for their postsecondary goals. Postsecondary goals should be a result of a student’s ICAP, consultation with parents, mentors, teachers, and school counselor... A student may choose any of the pathways(from the district graduation requirements policy) or mix and match courses to achieve their postsecondary goals."

Dolores RE-4A Schools 

  • Process: We began our process toward the new graduation requirements in August 2015 by convening a committee of parents, students, and teachers. We began with looking at the state's minimum competencies, deciding that we would keep all of them as options, and require the capstone for every student. We met biweekly for several months. In January and February, we hosted three "world café" style discussions for our community and staff. The final policy is the result of the revisions that came out of the world café suggestions.”
  • Dolores Graduation Policy

Douglas County RE-1

Durango Schools 

Englewood Schools

Falcon School District 49

  • Process: “In our system, which we call 49 Pathways, District 49 students will graduate after designing their unique pathway, completing a series of classes, presenting capstone projects, earning industrial certifications, and achieving assessment results that demonstrate mastery of the knowledge and skills they will need to be successful. Our students will earn a diploma as recognition for completing the pathway specified in their individual career and academic plan. Every student will navigate their own path at their own pace toward the destination that matters most to them.”
  • Falcon Process, "49 Pathways" 
  • Falcon Policy (scroll to IKF and IKF R-1) 

Greeley-Evans (Weld 6) 

Jefferson County Schools

Park County Schools 

Poudre School District 

Pueblo County 70 

  • Pueblo 70 Policy
  • IKF-E-1 (AB and IB Exams)
  • IKF 2 E-2 (Capstone Projects and CTSO Competitive Events) 

Roaring Fork School District 

Thompson School District