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ASCENT Slot Request Process


2020-21 Recorded ASCENT Training Webinar ​

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2020-21 ASCENT Slot Requests Process

The Intent to Participate is the only document required to request slots for the 2020-21 ASCENT Program.  Please click on the Intent to Participate link below to complete and submit this document on line.

May 1, 2020 is the submission deadline for your final slot request.

  • You will receive a submission confirmation email after you submit the Intent to Participate – keep a copy of this email for your record.
  • CDE will not require districts to submit a list of eligible students.  However, it is highly recommended that each district/school maintain its own list/documentation.
  • End of May CDE will email districts an ASCENT Allocation Notification indicating the number of carry-forward (if applicable) and new slots for the 2020-21 school year.
  • August 14, 2020 is the deadline to notify CDE that you want to release any new, unused slots that you were allotted in order to avoid receiving 2020-21 ASCENT funding and having to carry forward unused slots into 2021-22.

2020-21 ASCENT Intent to Participate

Click here to access the ITP.

Some important things to keep in mind to determine the number of slots you request:

Who can request ASCENT slots?

Local Education Providers

  • Districts
  • District Charter Schools
  • Institute Charter Schools

*CDE, on behalf of the Concurrent Enrollment Advisory Board, recommends that if a school district is participating in ASCENT, a district charter school within that district should request ASCENT slots with their authorizing district.

ASCENT slots are not the same as headcount:

  • 1 ASCENT slot = 1 full-time OR 2 part-time students
    • Full-time = 12+ postsecondary credit hours in fall semester
    • Part-time = 3-11 postsecondary credit hours in fall semester
  • Example: 4 students interested in ASCENT
    • 2 full-time (= 2 slots)
    • 2 part-time (= 1 slot)
    • Request 3 ASCENT slots total
  • Home study students enrolled in ASCENT are only eligible for part-time funding

Students should continue to pursue postsecondary opportunities:

Submitting request does NOT guarantee full funding of request; therefore, it is important to continue assisting students to determine if ASCENT is the best fit for student, both financially and in alignment with postsecondary goals.  Potential ASCENT students should continue to:

  • Research career and/or military opportunities
  • Apply to relevant postsecondary institutions/programs
  • Apply for eligible scholarships

2018-19 ASCENT Slot Requests Process

  •  CDE will not require districts to submit a list of eligible students.  However, it is highly recommended that each district/school maintain its own list/documentation.
  •  November 12, 2018 is the deadline to notify CDE to decrease your new slot request.

ASCENT Allocation Model

The Concurrent Enrollment Advisory Board developed a system to equitably allocate ASCENT slots to local education providers (LEP) in the event that the number of qualified students exceeds the number of funded slots:

Currently participating LEPs will receive a minimum number of ASCENT slots equal to those utilized by students during the current school year.

  • New LEPs will receive up to 10 slots for the first year or the number requested if less than 10
  • If additional spaces are available, half the remaining slots will be distributed via the LEPs free and reduced lunch (FRL) rate as a proration
  • The other half of remaining slots will be proportionally distributed based on LEP size, to LEPs that did not receive spaces under the FRL distribution
  • Unused slots may be returned to the general pool and reallocated to LEPs, (contact Mary Anne Hunter for explanation of this process).


Mary Anne Hunter 
Phone: 303-866-6596