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John W. Buckner Automatic Enrollment in Advanced Courses

Funding for this program was suspended for the 20-21 School Year.


The John W. Buckner automatic enrollment in advanced courses grant program is established in the department of education to provide funding for local education providers that automatically enroll certain students in advanced courses. 

In order to be eligible for the grant program, a local education provider must automatically enroll students who are in ninth grade or higher in an advanced course in a subject related to one in which the student demonstrated proficiency on the prior year's statewide assessment, or in an advanced course based on any other measure, applied to all enrolled students, that demonstrates the student's ability to succeed in the advanced course.

Local education providers are encouraged to automatically enroll eligible fourth- through eighth-grade students in advanced courses as well. Local education providers must permit parents to remove their children from automatically enrolled classes and may permit parents to exempt their children from any automatic enrollment.