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COVID-19 Transmission Mitigation Tactics


There are multiple approaches to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. As feasible, use all of the transmission mitigation tactics below.

When it is not feasible to use all of the mitigation tactics, consider how to layer them. For instance, if students cannot remain 6-foot apart, cohort students. Cohorting is the most important strategy to keep schools open. If strict cohorts cannot occur, some cohorting is better than none. In addition, consider layering other tactics, such as masks, to reduce transmission risk.

Deciding how to implement multiple layers of protection is specific to the local school/district community and grade level. Additional grade-level-specific guidance, based on the health guidance by COVID-19 phase,is provided in the charts below.

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Lower Risk


Strict Cohorts

COVID Contained Response With Cohorting diagram


Open Spaces

Congestion - open - lower risk


6 feet Apart or More

Proximity more than 6 feet lower risk


Within Recommended Gathering Size

Group size less than recommended limit lower risk


Wearing a Mask

masks on lower risk


Directed Movement

Movement directed lower risk

Respiratory Output

Normal Respiratory Output

Respiratory - Normal output

Time Together

Less Than 15 minutes Together

Duration less than 15 minutes lower risk

Touching Surfaces

Minimal Touching of Surfaces

Touch lower risk

Higher Risk


Broad Cohorts

COVID Widespread Disruption Without Cohorting diagram


Tightly-Packed Spaces

Congestion - tight - higher risk


Less Than 6 Feet Apart

Proximity less than 6 feet higher risk


Above Recommended Gathering Size

Group size Greater than recommended limit higher risk


Not Wearing a Mask

mask off higher risk


Undirected Movement

Movement undirected higher risk

Respiratory Output

Increased Respiratory Output

Respiratory - Increased output

Time Together

More Than 15 minutes Together

Duration more than 15 minutes higher risk

Touching Surfaces

Increased Touching of Surfaces

Touch higher risk