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Top 10 Ways the PDIS Benefits EC Professionals

The Top 10 Countdown

10.  It will be an organized collection of an individual’s professional accomplishments.

9.  A professional’s information moves with them.

8.  The PDIS will provide information that supports the early childhood workforce.

7.  Professionals can earn their Credential through the PDIS.

6.  It can be a tool that helps strengthen coaching efforts.

5.  It saves time for Directors and Licensing Specialists.

4.  Professionals will be able to participate in e-learning (for free!) that will count toward the 15 hours of annual ongoing training.

3.  It will have a built in professional development plan.

2.  Scholarships and incentives can be accessed through the PDIS.

1.  It promotes reflection and ownership.

Access the PDIS

We recommend using Google Chrome