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Accounting and Purchasing Office Overview

The Office of Accounting and Purchasing provides financial support to all CDE employees and programs. The accounting function maintains the accounting records for all transactions at CDE, creates financial reports required by both state and federal rules and regulations, charges indirect costs, manages the credit card program and pays CDE employees. The purchasing function procures goods and services between $25,000 and $150,000 and creates official State of Colorado commitment vouchers (i.e., purchase orders and contracts) for all purchases above $4,000.

Address: 201 E. Colfax Ave., Denver CO 80203
Room Number(s): 409

Unit Supervisor: Hollie Turtle (Accounting Manager), Sarah Fischman (Purchasing and Contracts Manager), Dave Grier (Controller)
Administrative Lead:
Lead Email Address: 
Lead Phone Number: 

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Office Responsibilities

  • Pay CDE employees and charge the appropriate accounts
  • Pay vendors for goods and services received
  • Reimburse employees for travel expenses
  • Collect revenues for Teacher Licensing
  • Calculate and charge indirect costs to all grants CDE has received
  • Draw down funds from the Federal Government
  • Create Federal and State financial reports
  • Load all legal budgets (grants and State appropriations) into the State Financial System
  • Issue purchase orders and contracts for all purchases over $4,000
  • Procure goods and services

Major Projects

  • Transitioning to a new statewide accounting system
  • Updating policies and procedures to accommodate latest reorganization
  • Implementing a new e-procurement system for IT purchases

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