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Procurement - Small/Informal Purchases

Small/Informal Purchases ($10,000 to $250,000 OR most restrictive threshold)

  • The federal small purchase threshold (Simplified Acquisition Threshold) is $250,000; however, your district/LEA may have a more restrictive threshold. If so, the most restrictive threshold must be followed.
  • Tip: there may NOT be a different small purchase threshold for federal vs. non-federal purchases. The SFA and LEA must follow one consistent procurement policy.
  • Small Purchase Checklist
  • For purchases that do not exceed the small purchase threshold, price or rate quotations may be used.
  • Quotes may be verbal or written, but must be documented.
  • Public notice is not required.
  • Award the contract (purchase) to the lowest price from a responsible bidder who submits a responsive bid.
  • Documented quotes and receipts.