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General Intellectual Ability

General Intellectual Ability Pathway

Students may qualify in the area of general intellectual ability with a score of 95th percentile or above on one or more batteries of a cognitive test.  The determination team must collect and review additional data for the body of evidence to develop the student’s learning profile.  A gifted determination based solely on a cognitive assessment score, without any other qualifying data, is the exception.   A review team should use their professional judgment to determine if identification is appropriate by examining supplemental or non-traditional information collected through interviews, observations or performances beyond the academic content areas.  Students from underrepresented populations may not demonstrate gifted abilities through the use of traditional achievement data.  When only cognitive ability assessment data meet criteria in a body of evidence (95th percentile or above), the review team may determine that the student is identified with general or specific intellectual ability.  This meets portability requirements.

General Intellectual Ability 95th Percentile or above on one or more batteries on a cognitive measure


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