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Learn About RTI

Please be aware that this is a definition that was provided for former years of implementation, when CO-RtI was the approach that CDE used to apply integrating a continuum of supports for improved outcomes. Note the dates referenced.

Colorado Definition of RtI (2006-2012): Response to Intervention is a framework that promotes a well-integrated system connecting general, compensatory, gifted, and special education in providing high quality, standards-based instruction and intervention that is matched to students' academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs.

The Colorado RtI Framework evolved as was learned from implementation. There are no lines separating the tiers because we know that movement between tiers should be fluid. The "heart" of the multi-tiered model is the Problem-Solving process; "Family and Community" surrounded the triangle to illustrate the understanding that the education of the child goes beyond the walls of our schools into the homes and communities of our students, emphasizing the importance of partnerships with family and community to support student success.

RtI Triangle


Information related to RtI Implementation in Early Childhood


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