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Climate Surveys

The National School Climate Center defines climate surveys as a comprehensive school climate tool that provides data that is used as a springboard for community-wide understanding, unified improvement planning, and implementation efforts as well as accountability. Research demonstrates that utilizing a climate survey tool recognizes the unique nature of each school’s history, strengths, needs and goals, and provides benchmarks as well as a road map for school improvement efforts (School Climate Brief, Vol. 1 No. 1, January 2010).

Measuring School Climate: A Tool-kit for District and Schools

Measuring School Climate: A Tool-kit for District and Schools was created by the Bully Prevention Working Group. This toolkit was developed by a subcommittee of the Colorado Bullying Prevention Working Group. The subcommittee members included state and district education leaders and community partners. Partners in this group included the Colorado Department of Education, Colorado School Safety Resource Center, Colorado Education Initiative, Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence, National Center on School Engagement, Cherry Creek School District, Center School District, The Gill Foundation, One Colorado, and Rainbow Alley-The Center. The Tool-kit is in its first iteration and will be edited on an annual basis.

The purpose of this Tool-kit is to provide information and resources on measuring school climate. Specifically, the Tool-kit provides an overview regarding the guidelines for measuring school climate, assessing readiness for implementing a survey to achieve intended outcomes, and information regarding various climate surveys in use across the state and country. Additionally, the Tool-kit provides resources on obtaining parental/family consent, focus groups, sharing your results, and using multiple sources of data to monitor climate.

Comparison of Publicly Available Common Climate Surveys