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Media Literacy Resource Bank

Overview: Equipping the youth of Colorado with the critical thinking skills necessary to analyze the information, claims, and sources presented to them through traditional and digital media will empower them to make more informed decisions. The basis for this resource bank was developed by a committee created through HB 21-1103 (PDF) which will include classroom resources for K-12, educator professional development, instructional tools for teaching media literacy, and student & parent resources. If you are an educator in Colorado and have suggestions for a great free resource, please email Chris Summers.

Questions? Please contact Chris Summers with any questions. View the Media Literacy Resource Bank landing page for more information.

Legend - Type of Resource
Elementary School resource Elementary - Middle School resource Middle - High School resource High - Adult resource Adult - Free resource Free - Professional Development Professional Development

10 Creative Ways to Teach Media Literacy (Canva)

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Allsides for Schools

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Common Sense Media Literacy Resources

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Critical Media Project

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ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) 11 Resources to Boost Student Media Literacy

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National Association for Media Literacy Education

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News Literacy Project

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PEN America Media Literacy Toolkit

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We Teach NYC Media Literacy Toolkit

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