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Local Student Wellness Program

Each school district and board of cooperative services (BOCES) is encouraged to establish a local student wellness program that includes or is otherwise coordinated with health education. A school district’s or BOCES’ comprehensive health education advisory council or accountability committee may address and make recommendations to the school district or the board of cooperative services concerning the local student wellness program, including but not limited to the programs to be provided and best practices and strategies for involving families and the community in the local student wellness programs (C.R.S. 22-25-106(1)(b)).

“Local student wellness program” means a program adopted by a school district, board of cooperative services, charter, or facility school that is coordinated with health education and is designed to provide services to students in one or more of the following areas (C.R.S. 22-25-103 (5.5)):

(a) Physical education;

(b) Nutrition services;

(c) Mental health counseling and services;

(d) Promotion of a healthy school environment;

(e) Health education;

(f) Health services;

(g) Involvement of students’ families and communities in supporting and reinforcing healthy choices.

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