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Procedures for Disagreements


The Exceptional Children's Educational Act (ECEA) defines Procedures for Disagreements

The program plan shall describe procedures for resolving disagreements with parents/guardians, or students in regard to identification, programming, and ALPs. The procedures for resolving disagreements shall include, but need not be limited to: a method for the aggrieved individual to express issues and concerns; a means to discuss disagreements in a timely manner with personnel designated by the district with authority to resolve the disagreement. The procedures shall afford the aggrieved individual notice of the decision giving rise to the dispute and an opportunity to be heard before the decision is implemented. The procedures must be posted for ease of access by stakeholders.  12.06


The “Procedures for Disagreements” describes the processes and guidelines a family follows if they disagree with a decision that concerns their child.  By following the dispute procedures, families and educators have a process available to reconsider decisions that were made related to the student’s identification or programming needs for optimum learning and growth.  The AU should have a written, well-articulated process for disagreements easily available and transparent to all stakeholders.  

Key Indicators of Implementation

  • Describe procedures for resolving disagreements with parents/guardians or students to include:
    • Method to express issues and concerns;
    • Means to discuss disagreements in a timely manner;
    • Notice of the decision giving rise to the dispute;
    • Opportunity to be heard before decision is implemented; and
  • Procedures are posted for access to all stakeholders.










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