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Depth & Complexity Framework 2.0


This is the second iteration of Empowering Students to Think and Learn Using the Depth & Complexity Framework professional development project from the Office of Gifted Education.  The goal of this revised and condensed version is to increase participation, and support sustainability for those districts, BOCES and schools that are currently in the implementation cycle.  Updates and revisions to the content as well as the inclusion of an online platform are a result of input from educators who participated in version 1.0. Three professional development options will be offered in the 2018-19 school year.

Depth & Complexity 2.0 Overview (PDF)


New Opportunity Option 1-Pilot 2018-2019

This option is for any district, school or BOCES that wants course facilitation and support provided by a cadre member from the Office of Gifted Education.  These trainers will provide face to face instruction, online course facilitation and serve as a resource for the designated local lead.  Training is free.  Materials are to be purchased by the organization.  Expected cost is $75 per individual participant. 

Apply for Option 1 Pilot March 14 - April 13, 2018

Option 2

This option provides additional support to those organizations that already have a person trained in DCF version 1.0.   The local trainer provides the face-to-face instruction and facilitates the CDE designed online course by holding periodic meetings to discuss the blog questions from the module and to have teachers conduct peer reviews of the assignments given throughout the course.  This option can help organizations strengthen existing implementation of DCF by providing a way to review and reinforce previous learning as well as introducing new personnel to the framework.

Preregister for Option 2 March 14 - April 13, 2018

Option 3

This option is for individuals who want to learn the content of DCF through an online module.  The course is facilitated by a CDE cadre member.  Participants purchase their own resources and graduate credit. 

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Option 3

What is the Depth & Complexity Framework and why implement it in the classroom?