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DCF 2.0 Option 3


This option allows individuals to learn the content of the Depth & Complexity Framework (DCF) through the online module.  Participants may then elect to take in a Trainer of Trainers (ToT) workshop that prepares them to present the information to others in their organization or they may use the information to promote deep and complex thinking in their own classrooms. Option 3 participants will register for the online module using the same process as for other modules offered through the Office of Gifted Education.

Option 3 Fact Sheet (PDF)

Look for registration in the fall on the Gifted Online Modules webpage



  • Participants commit to purchasing all required resources.  Estimated cost per individual is $75. Graduate tuition is an additional charge. 



  • Depth & Complexity Cards, Q3 Cards (Quick, Quality, Questions) and Content Imperative Cards
  • Getting Started with Project Based Problem Based Learning ASCD Reference Guide
  • Setting the Standard for Project Based Learning; Larmer, Megendoller, Boss



1st Semester:

Philosophy behind this inquiry based project, questioning strategies, introduction to and implementation of depth and complexity prompts as they relate to academic standards, 21st Century skills, depth of knowledge and student learning objectives.

2nd Semester:

Introduction to and implementation of content imperatives and tiered instruction; the use of assessments for and as learning; and applying what has been learned in cluster and flexible groups and in accelerated and Advanced Placement classes.

Summer Semester:

Basic knowledge and understanding of Project/Problem based learning (PBL); creation of a PBL unit for implementation in the fall.  (The three semesters combined will total no more than 21 hours.)


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