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School Improvement Grants

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Diagnostic Review and Planning Grant

The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires that states allocate resources for intensive and sustained support to schools designated as in need of improvement. This grant is made available to Title I Schools with a Turnaround, Priority Improvement, or Improvement plan type in order to provide resources and support a focused approach to improvement through a Diagnostic Review and/or Action Planning Support. Schools may apply for up to $50,000.

Request for Proposals: Diagnostic Review 2016-2017

View additional diagnostic review and planning grant program information.

Reading Ignite Literacy Grant Program

This funding opportunity, designed to distribute ESEA Title I, Part A 1003(a) funds to eligible applicants, embeds the essential components of supplemental reading instruction into all elements of the teaching structures for kindergarten up to sixth grade. These structures include targeted and intensive instructional interventions, in order to assist students in achieving reading competency. These structures should be embedded into the school’s Title I program. Awardees should plan to continue to support these structures with Title I funds once the grant funding has expired.

Request for Proposals: Reading Ignite 2015

Connect for Success Grant Program

This funding opportunity is made available to Title I schools with a Priority Improvement or Turnaround plan type in order to strengthen their Title I Program. Schools will implement structures and strategies found to be effective through the High Achieving Schools study and provide quality instruction to meet needs of minority students, students experiencing poverty, students with disabilities, and English Learners.

Request for Proposals: Connect for Success 2016-2017

Tiered Intervention Grant

The Tiered Intervention Grant is designed to support districts with chronically low performing schools in the lowest 5 percent of achievement (Title I Priority Schools) as indicated by state assessments. The intent of the grant is to provide funding for Title I Priority Schools to:

  1. Partner with CDE in the implementation of one of the seven intervention models provided in the draft guidance for the use of federal Title I 1003(g) funds;
  2. Increase the academic achievement of all students attending chronically low performing schools as measured by the state’s assessment system; and
  3. Utilize the support and services from state-approved turnaround providers in their efforts to accomplish the above.

Request for Proposals: Tiered Intervention Grant 2016

Application Training Webinar:

  • An application training webinar will be held on Monday, January 9, 2017 from 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. To register for this webinar, please visit the registration page on Eventbrite. Questions or issues registering can be sent via email.

Letter of Intent:

If interested in applying for this grant opportunity, please complete the Required Letter of Intent by Friday, January 13, 2017.

Individual Consultation:

Individual Consultation is available to applicants in the planning, writing and revising of proposals. Please note: responses will be made in the order of requests received. There may be a high volume of requests closer to the application due date; please allow adequate time for response.

Consultation services will be provided by CDE Turnaround Support Managers beginning December 19, 2016. To request feedback on proposals or to facilitate the planning process for the proposal from a Turnaround Support Manger, applicants may contact Lindsey Jaeckel.


Cohort VI Approved Plans and Budgets


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