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Facts about Title I in Colorado

Colorado receives funding from the United States Department of Education through the Elementary and Secondary Education Act that was reauthorized under No Child Left Behind. Title I, Part A is the largest federal program supporting both elementary and secondary education. The program's resources are allocated based upon the poverty rates of students enrolled in schools and districts and are designed to help ensure that all children meet challenging state academic standards.

NCLB Allocations to Districts

In 2011-2012*

  • Colorado school districts received a total of $144,078,136 for Title I, Part A
  • A total of 175 of 180 School Districts or Local Education Agencies participated in Title I, Part A
  • There were 513 Elementary School, 130 Middle School, and 69 High School Title I programs in Colorado Public Schools
  • A total of 201,837 students were enrolled in Title I, Part A Schools or 24.46 percent of all students enrolled in Colorado public schools
  • NCLB Allocations to Districts (includes Title I, Title II, Title III, Title VIB)

*2011-2012 is the most recent year with complete data (2012-2013 data will be available in late 2013)

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For Additional Information Contact:

Nazanin (Nazie) Mohajeri-Nelson
Director, ESEA Programs Office

DeLilah Collins
Assistant Director, ESEA Programs Office