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ESSA State Plan Draft - Submitted Feedback

The Colorado Department of Education provided multiple avenues and opportunities for interested individuals and organizations to review plans and provide feedback as part of the ESSA plan development process. In order to ensure CDE had adequate time to review public comments and prepare a final draft for review by the State Board of Education, the Department opened windows of feedback via online surveys. Feedback on key decision points and recommendations are posted below.

Most windows were open for two weeks or more, but varied based upon the draft stage. For example, survey windows for spoke committee recommendations and decisions points may have be shorter in duration than windows for section drafts approved by the Hub Committee.

Feedback Received

Assessment Spoke Committee
Assessment on key decision points, January 9, 2017, through January 23, 2017.
Feedback on Assessment 

Accountability Spoke Committee
Accountability options and recommendations on decision points November 30, 2016, through December 14, 2016.
Minimum N Input Survey Results
EL First Year Input Survey Results
Identifying and Exiting Input Survey Results
Goals and Interim Measures Input Survey Results

Standards Spoke Committee
Standards draft section November 30, 2016, through December 14, 2016.
Feedback received on the Standards draft section

School Improvement Spoke Committee
School Improvement key decision points, December 16, 2016, through January 13, 2017.
School Improvement Spoke Survey Results 

Stakeholder Consultation Committee 
Collected feedback from various stakeholders

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