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2016-2017 ESEA Virtual Academy Archives

The Fiscal Impact of Non-Public Schools under the ESSA (February 3rd, 2017)

Webinar Recording PowerPoint | Consultation Template | Equitable Services Memorandum of Understanding 

Comprehensive Needs Assessment and Basic ESEA Program Requirements (March 24 10:00 am)

Webinar Recording

Leveraging and Coordinating ESEA Funds with State/Local Funds (March 31st 10:00 am) 

Webinar Recording 

Students Experiencing Homelessness and Children in Foster Care under the ESSA (April 14th 10:00 am)

Webinar Recording

Parent and Family Engagement (April 28th 10:00 am)

Webinar Recording PowerPoint | 

Teacher Qualifications under the ESSA/ Equitable Access to Excellent Teachers (May 5th 10:00 am) 

Webinar Recording | PowerPoint |  

Equitable Services under the ESSA (May 23rd, 2:00 pm)

Webinar Recording | Materials 

Schools Identified for Comprehensive and Targeted Support and Improvement (May 26th 10:00 am) 

Webinar Recording | Materials

Consolidated Application: Q & A (June 9th 1:00 pm) 

Webinar Recording | Materials