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Facility Schools COVID-19 Updates

Safer at Home Guidance

Facility Schools Memo 4.29.20

COVID-19 Executive Orders Directly Impacting Facility Schools

Instructional Hour Waiver and Attendance Requirements

Instructional Hour Waiver

CDE will be providing a statewide waiver from instructional hours and days requirements (C.R.S. 22-32-109(1)(n)) with the expectation that every school district, BOCES, charter school, and approved facility school communicates to CDE their plans to support learning through the scheduled end of the school year.

Each entity simply submits a copy of one example of communications that they have shared, or will share, with students and families regarding their alternative learning plan. By sharing an example of communications with students and families, CDE can help make connections across districts and schools, understand the diverse landscape of learning needs, offer more targeted supports, gather best practices and anticipate future policy decisions.

Attendance Requirements

CDE will not be requiring a submission or tracking of attendance for individual students. With that in mind, we believe attendance or participation information will be helpful for districts and schools in identifying possible areas of need to ensure all students are able to stay actively engaged in remote learning.

CDE will be leaving decisions on grades and grade-level promotion to local districts, BOCES, charter schools and approved facility schools

Additional COVID-19 Resources

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