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Colorado ESSER Report: Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund

CDE Field Trips - 5/25/24: Community Partnerships in Centennial Elementary in Harrison School District 2

CDE Field Trips - 6/3/24: High Impact Tutoring at Lake Middle School in DPS

CDE Field Trips - Fountain-Fort Carson commemorates Memorial Day

CDE Field Trips - 4/23/24: Migrant Education Program students get civics lesson

More than 50 students in Colorado Department of Education’s Migrant Education Program participated in the first MEP State Government Class at CDE, the State Capitol and the Colorado Supreme Court before traveling to Washington, D.C, to participate in the Close Up’s New Americans High School Program to learn about our nation’s government.

CDE Field Trips - 4/17/24: Districts gather to tackle problem of chronic absenteeism

A group of about 20 administrators from six school districts gathered together in early April 2024 in Fort Morgan to discuss what has worked and what hasn’t in their efforts to get kids to stay in school.

The Colorado Department of Education has been bringing district officials together from across the state in what has been called “learning cohorts” to discuss various tough issues and to facilitate the sharing of best practices. The issues have covered the influx of newcomers and unfinished math to this cohort on chronic absenteeism.

CDE Field Trips - 4/4/24: BVSD Newcomer program


Like in many states, Colorado school districts have experienced a high number of newly arrived migrants this year and are working to come up with new ways of how to handle the influx. The Colorado Department of Education’s newly formed District Improvement Strategy Office has created a learning cohort of districts to collaborate and share best practices.