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Educator Recruitment and District Supports

The following are supports available to districts to recruit educators across the state. Please access these resources at a district level and utilize the stipends and scholarships on the Financial Opportunities for Aspiring and In-service Educators page to support in recruitment and retention efforts. A downloadable version of this page can be accessed here.

Additionally, ESSER COVID Relief funds can often be used for activities associated with ensuring recruitment and retention for current staff. 

Recruitment Strategy Resource Link

Utilize ESSER COVID Relief monies to support increasing teacher salaries, recruiting teachers, or mentoring new to the profession teachers to ensure they stay in the profession.

Allowable uses for ESSER

Hire community members with bachelor's degrees who want to earn alternative licenses (Rural Alternative Licensure Stipend)

Colorado Center for Rural Education (CCRE) stipend


Educator Recruitment and Retention Program

Hire individuals who do not have a bachelor’s degree or an educator preparation program but have a strong background to support the learning and content.

Adjunct instructor authorization through CDE

Help existing teachers gain dual certification to teach additional content areas (Rural Inservice Educator Stipend)

CCRE concurrent enrollment scholarship

Encourage student teachers to choose your district (Colorado Rural Student Teacher Stipend)

CCRE student teaching stipend

Encourage teachers to gain National Board certification

CCRE National Board scholarship

Hire current students in a Colorado educator preparation program to immediately enter the classroom before they finish their program (Teacher of Record license)

Teacher of Record license

Hire J-1 exchange teachers

Employ online options like Colorado Digital Learning Solutions to fill immediate or out-of-the-ordinary needs.

Colorado Digital Learning Solutions

Hire substitute teachers to fill short term needs.

Click here to learn how to apply for a substitute authorization and Boot Camp registration

Stipend information and support

Reach out to TEACH Colorado to help inspire and support future teachers.

Teach Colorado website


E-mail Annette Konoske Graf

Hire paraprofessionals who would like to become teachers. 

Educator Recruitment and Retention Program

Encourage talented individuals interested in Special Services Provider employment in rural or small rural schools in Colorado.

Colorado Center for Rural Education

Educator Recruitment and Retention Program