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Existing Induction Programs

Existing Induction Programs

The CDE Educator Development team is proud to provide a variety of professional development and technical support options for existing Colorado induction programs.  

Vision: Every new educator, leader and special service provider participates in high-quality induction that supports their transition into the profession and their development as a professional educator committed to student success.

Reviewers Needed

We are recruiting induction program reviewers for program renewals that are due in January.  If you have two or more years of experience as an induction leader or teacher mentor, we could use your help!  It's a flexible 5 hours commitment between January 18 and February 23, 2024.  You can also serve as a reviewer if your program is due for renewal.  Learn more and sign up.


2023-2024 Dates

image of a calendar, preview of the pdf you can download by clicking. alt version of calendar available

The 2023-2024 Induction Program Opportunities Calendar is available now!  

Download the 23-24 Calendar

The induction calendar includes all professional learning opportunities for the entire school year: PLC meetings, webinars, gatherings, and renewal cohorts. More detailed information for each opportunity can be found below.

Options for adding these events to your digital calendar

Help in deciding what to attend

Program leaders should choose which opportunities will best meet their learning needs. Not sure which opportunities to prioritize?  Use the induction opportunities flowchart.

Professional Learning Communities

Professional Learning Communities are small groups of providers who meet regularly for shared learning and discussion.

The Induction PLC will meet monthly in the 23-24 school year.  Within the Induction PLC, there will be two available tracks for providers:

Track 1: Mentoring Matters

This PLC track will be focusing on the skills that mentors need and how to teach those skills.  They'll use Mentoring Matters by Lipton and Wellman (3rd edition) to guide their conversations.

Track 2: High-Quality Professional Learning

This PLC track will focus on how to create transformational learning experiences for new educators.  They'll use The PD Book by Aguilar and Cohen to guide their conversations.

PLC Dates and Structure

Each PLC meeting will begin with whole-group community building and support, including the "research minute"--sharing recent research findings around induction and mentoring.  Then the group will split into small groups by learning track/focus: mentoring matters or high-quality professional learning.  Meetings will end with a final whole group debrief and announcements.  In general, the PLC meets on the second Tuesday of each month.  Meeting times alternate between morning and afternoon to allow for maximum participation.  All meetings are scheduled for 75 minutes.

Induction Gatherings

Gatherings are informal meetings of induction leaders that provide an opportunity to share best practices and discuss induction with other content-experts. Gatherings are distinct from webinars in that the bulk of the time is spent in colleague conversations rather than in a formal presentation. Registered participants will be surveyed about desired breakout session topics one month before the event, and Zoom links will be sent to registered participants one week prior to the event.

  • Charter and private school induction gatherings
    • Fall gathering: September 28, 2023, 9-11 am
    • Spring gathering: February 8,2024, 9-11 am
  • Induction gathering for all leaders: February 28, 2024, 9 am-12 pm

Register for 23-24 Induction Gatherings

Induction Webinars

Webinars are a more formal learning opportunity.  They include a pre-planned presentation and/or a featured speaker.  Zoom links will be sent to all registered participants one week before the event.

23-24 Induction Webinar Series

There will be four webinar opportunities in the 23-24 school year. 

Using Needs Assessments to Differentiate Induction Programming

August 29, 2023, 1-2 pm (see recordings below)

Needs assessments are a vital part of an induction program, allowing program leaders to design for the needs of each individual inductee class. However, gathering that data and using it well can be challenging.  In this webinar, we'll explore various forms of needs assessments and how to use that data to provide differentiated induction options.

Designing Special Services Provider (SSP) Induction Programs

October 24, 2023, 1-2 pm

Updates to the induction program rubrics mean that SSP induction programs are now a separate authorization from teacher induction programs.  In this webinar, we'll explore how to design and sustain SSP-specific induction options.  We'll be joined by SSP experts from CDE who will talk about their individual specialties.

Research-Supported Best Practices in Induction

December 18, 2023, 1-2 pm

Comprehensive induction has been shown to cut retention rates in half.  In this webinar, we'll explore what current research says about best practices in providing high-quality induction and mentoring.

Alternative Licensure and Induction

April 25, 2024, 10-11 am

Numbers of alternatively licensed educators are growing rapidly in Colorado.  In this webinar, we'll discuss guidelines for the relationship between alternative licensure and induction as well as troubleshoot common issues for alternatively licensed candidates.

Note:  There is also a webinar on September 19 at 1 pm for programs with a January 2024 renewal date.  That link will be sent directly to renewing programs.  No registration is needed.

Register for the 23-24 Webinar Series 

Please reach out to Educator Development with ideas for future webinars and speakers.

Webinar Recordings

The links below are an archive of previous webinars for induction providers.

  • Induction Rubric Launch Webinar: Updated induction rubrics were launched in January of 2023.  This 37-minute webinar details the updates to the rubrics and to the authorization and reauthorization process.
  • Program Assessment 101 Webinar: This 47 minute webinar covers the basics of program assessment in the context of induction.  Specific topics include how to gather data, how to set goals, and how to measure progress towards those goals.
  • Mentor Grant Showcase: In this webinar, five mentor grant program leaders share their learnings after year 1 of the mentor grant including how they used the funds and what they're learning about how to effectively support mentoring.
  • Using Needs Assessments to Differentiate Induction Programming: Needs assessments are a vital part of an induction program, allowing program leaders to design for the needs of each individual inductee class. However, gathering that data and using it well can be challenging.  In this webinar, we explored various forms of needs assessments and how to use that data to provide differentiated induction options.
  • Designing SSP-Specific Induction:  In this webinar, we're joined by experts from CDE to discuss the specific needs of the 9 Special Service Provider (SSP) disciplines and how to design induction specific to the challenges these disciplines face.

Coaching Services

Renewal Coaching Cohort

Programs that are due for an induction program renewal have the option to participate in an induction renewal coaching cohort.  This is a small group of induction leaders who are all due for renewal in the same window.  In the fall semester before renewal, programs meet regularly to prepare their application and discuss best practices grounded in the induction rubric.  Participation is optional for renewing programs, but provides a powerful program review opportunity.  All programs who are due for renewal receive an invitation to participate in September before their renewal date.

Renewal cohorts are full for the 23-24 school year.  Registration will re-open in the summer for providers renewing in January 2025.

Individual Coaching

The Educator Development team provides coaching services directly to induction providers free of charge.  Coaching can take the form of monthly check-ins or more intensive coaching cycles.  Email Educator Development to set up an initial coaching conversation with an Educator Development Specialist.

Office Hours

Office hours are available to provide support for new and renewing programs.  Providers can drop in any time during the scheduled office hours.  Email Educator Development to get the link for any of these scheduled office hours.

  • August 24, 1-4 pm: Office hours for new induction program leaders
  • September 21, 1-4 pm: Office hours for new program applicants
  • November 29, 1-4 pm: Office hours for renewing programs
  • December 13, 1-4 pm: Office hours for renewing programs
  • March 28, 1-4 pm: Office hours for new program applicants


The publications below are provided for the support of existing Colorado induction programs.

Induction Program Applications

Provided for planning purposes. Renewing programs will provided with a link for their renewal application. Initial program applications may email this application to Educator Development.


Please reach out to Educator Development.