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Educator Preparation Program

Denver College of Nursing

Undergraduate school nurse preparation

These programs are for full-time undergraduate students. The programs prepare students for licensure as professional nurses in the school system to function as school nurses. Experiential/ clinical learning, populations health and wellness is at the center of learning to be a nurse in the undergraduate programs. Students are placed in a variety of clinical settings for direct patient care experiences in the second quarter of the program of study.  There are 7 quarters in the BSN program and 6 quarters in the ADN program. All programs are inclusive by design and incorporate the requirements for a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education (K-12) endorsement.

Pathway Type:

Initial Licensure: Undergraduate

Course Format:

In Person, Online


13-24 months

Region(s) Served:


Contact Information:

1401 19th Street

Denver, CO 80202


In Denver: 303-292-0015, Fax: 720-974-0290


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: Denver College of Nursing

Endorsement Area(s):

  • School Nurse (ages 0-21)

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