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Senate Bill 10-191 - Mutual Consent

In addition to improving educator evaluation and support, Senate Bill 10-191 includes provisions related to how teachers are hired and obtain placement at schools. This includes a requirement that teachers can only be permanently assigned to schools through mutual consent hiring.

Mutual consent hiring is a process in which teaching positions are filled at schools based upon the agreement by both the teacher and the principal (with input from other teachers at the school) that the teacher and the school are a good match that aligns well with the teacher's qualifications, experience, and demonstrated effectiveness.

Mutual consent represents a shift from teacher hiring and placement practices traditionally used by some districts, in which teachers are "force-placed" into schools by the district central administration without the ability of principals to interview and select those teachers, or for teachers to accept positions at schools that they believe will be a good fit for them.

To support districts as they implement the mutual consent and related hiring provisions, the Colorado Education Initiative and The New Teacher Project have prepared some materials:

  • A brief background on mutual consent (in a question/answer format including an overview of the benefits of mutual consent hiring)
  • A district framework for implementing mutual consent hiring based on five important steps:
    • Establish key definitions
    • Identify and track vacancies
    • Facilitate connections between teachers and schools
    • Implement effective school-based hiring
    • Provide accommodations for non-probationary teachers

View the HR system components portion of the Colorado Education Initiative’s S.B. 10-191 Tookit.