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Inter-rater Agreement

Inter-rater agreement is an important aspect of any evaluation system. It ensures that evaluators agree that a particular teacher’s instruction on a given day meets the high expectations and rigor described in the state standards. As a result, these consistent and dependable ratings lead to fairness and credibility in the evaluation system.

CDE has developed tools and resources to support school districts and BOCES in the implementation of inter-rater agreement. The graphic below outlines key components to consider and the IRA Guidance document provides and in depth discussion of each.

IRA Graphic

One resource to support fair and consistent evaluations is the  The Resource Guide for Deepening the Understanding of Teacher's Professional Practices. The resource guide is meant to support Colorado school district employees, administrators and teachers in developing an understanding of the Colorado State Model Evaluation System Teacher Rubric. As individuals apply the rubric to their own teaching and to that of others, the resource guide can support observers and coaches in accurately identifying evidence for the professional practices. The guide also supports classroom teachers to accurately reflect on their teaching and plan for implementation of specific practices in their instruction. The research, examples provided and the glossary can be used to support the development of a common language for Colorado school district employees to analyze, reflect and plan instruction.

Another resource is our Educator Effectiveness Video Library. It is intended to provide educators and evaluators with a way to view Colorado teachers and spark conversations developing a deeper understanding of quality instructional practices and better calibration of instructional expectations. A variety of content areas, grade levels and quality of instructional practice are available for viewing.

We want to encourage your feedback for the continued development of this resource. Please contact with your feedback, questions or additional resources.