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Educator Effectiveness Monitoring

Educator Effectiveness Monitoring Requirements

Assurances for Written Evaluation Systems

The assurances for written evaluation systems are intended to ensure that school districts and BOCES across Colorado implement written evaluation systems that are aligned with Senate Bill 10-191 and the State Board Rules for the Evaluation of Licensed Personnel. The department has successfully collected assurances from all districts indicating how licensed personnel in their district or BOCES are evaluated since the 2013-2014 school year. View summary data collected since 2014 and the assurance process

Educator Effectiveness Metrics

As required by statute and State Board of Education rules, CDE must collect teacher and principal performance evaluation data and provide aggregated reports back to districts and the public. These reports are referred to as the Educator Effectiveness Metrics. Available beginning in early February 2019, the department has released a set of educator effectiveness metrics that reflect performance evaluation ratings from the 2014-15, 2015-16, and 2016-17 school years. (The time lag in reporting is due to the time it takes districts to complete and submit evaluation data to CDE.) The department will report on only four metrics for teachers and four metrics for principals. The publicly reported metrics will only show how teachers and principals are doing as a group at the school, district, and state level. Protections are in place to maintain the privacy of individual teachers and principals.
Learn more about the Educator Effectiveness Metrics for teachers and principals.

Evaluation System Review

As outlined in Senate Bill 10-191 and State Board of Education rules, CDE is required to monitor on an ongoing basis districts’ adherence to the requirements of educator evaluation systems. The law and rules provides authority for CDE to monitor and review districts’ educator evaluation systems, including  those using the State Model Educator Evaluation System and those using locally-developed systems. In 2013, House Bill 13-1257 was also adopted which further codified the support and monitoring functions of the department, including the responsibility to respond to requests for review of local educator evaluation systems. The statute provides an avenue for interested parties who are affected by the evaluation system to submit requests to the department to review a district’s locally-developed educator evaluation system for adherence to the law.
View the process for requesting a review of an Educator Evaluation System