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Annual Transition Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

User Accounts and Evaluator Management

All active accounts in the prior year will be available in the system for new academic year with the last known evaluator(s) on record being attached in the educator.

LEA Settings

LAM information, previous weights of quality standards, minimum number of observations, due dates, and LEA logo will prepopulate in the new year.

MSL/MSO Templates

All MSL/MSO templates created in the prior year at the district level will be available in the new academic year. Districts will have the opportunity to remove any templates that are no longer relevant.

Professional Growth Plan (PGP) Goals

Goals added to the Goal-Setting and Performance Planning activity for the prior year will be included in the Professional Growth Plan for the new academic year. Additionally, goals within the End-of-Year Review that have not been marked as “complete” will also be included in the PGP.

Profile Information

All User Information, if it has been updated within the system, will be the same as the previous year. This includes position/title, grade(s), and probationary status.

Will I be able to access previous year evaluations?


If an educator is employed within the same district, they will be able to have view-only access to their personal previous year evaluation if the overall rating was finalized. If the evaluation has not yet been finalized, they will be able to continue to actively participate in the evaluation process until the final rating is finalized.


Those with the SI, AS, or HR (superintendent, BOCES executive director, or human resources administrator) roles will have view-only access to all finalized evaluations for the previous year. For those with AP or P (assistant principal or principal) access, they will be able to access evaluations for those individuals for which they provided the final effectiveness rating. If the AP or P is new, they will need to contact their district if they would like access to a specific individual’s full evaluation.

What if we need to change our email address as a district?

All email addresses will need to be updated in CDE Identity Management so that users can log in with their new email as well as request new passwords.