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Regional and State Preschool Meetings

CDE Regional Preschool Meetings

Regional preschool meetings occur in the Fall of each school year, typically in from late September to early November. The meetings are collaborative opportunities for the CDE Preschool Team, comprised of Preschool Special Education and the Colorado Preschool Program to engage with early childhood leaders in the field who are preschool special education administrators, Child Find Coordinators, preschool directors, and CPP Coordinators. Meetings are designed for meeting the needs of these leaders and attendance is limited to these roles. Special education directors should attend, at their discretion.

For the 2020-21 School Year, the CDE Preschool team is planning a series of learning and convening in October that will be a virtual substitute for our regional meetings that have been a tradition. We want to support and engage as many leaders as we can.

When will this occur?  During a five-week period beginning October 6, 2020 and ending November 6, 2020. See the dates below.

How will the virtual events be presented? 
  • Five content webinars with subject matter experts will be made available for you and your selected team members. Webinars will be up to 60 minutes starting at 3:00 pm on each date.
  • Ten smaller Regional Zoom Meetings to promote discussion and connections among those within a geographic region will be available for early childhood leaders in designated roles: Child Find Coordinators, CPP Coordinators, Preschool Special Education Administrators, and Special Education Directors (at their discretion). The Meetings will be from 12:30 - 3:30 pm of each date.

Which regional meeting should you attend? The ten regional Zoom Meetings will be designed for specific regions in the state organized by geographic regions, like the in-person meetings we’ve had in the past. Please attend the meeting for your region or choose the final overflow meeting date which is designated for anyone who cannot attend with the rest of their region. If you are unable to attend your regional meeting or the final meeting date, please contact your Regional Preschool Specialist to discuss additional options.

Webinars will be recorded, and all materials, along with engagement opportunities and forums, will be made available within the CDE Learning Management System, for use before, during, and after the regional meeting series. The online materials and recordings may be made available by you to others in your system, as appropriate.

What are the topics?  
  • The webinars are content specific and chosen to engage our thinking about leadership, equity, inclusive practices, and social emotional wellness and recovery.
  • The Virtual Regional Meetings will address technical assistance and updates on designing Professional Learning for programs and individuals, MTSS in early childhood settings, collaborating practices, restrictive environment decisions, and Part C to B Transition.
October 6 – Webinar: Early Childhood Leadership with Dr. Kristie Pretti Frontczak 
October 7 – Southwest Region and West Central Region Combined Meeting 
October 9 - Webinar: Race, Ability, and Equity with Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak, Ijumaa Jordan, and Dr. Isela GarciaPage
October 14 – Webinar: Social Emotional Wellness and Recovery with William Brown 
October  15 – Northwest Meeting 
October 20 – Southeast Meeting 
October 21 – Pikes Peak  Meeting 
October 22 – Webinar: The Benefits of Bilingualism with Susan Moore and Clara Perez-Mendez 
October 27 – Central Mountains  Meeting 
October 28 – Webinar: Inclusion Study and Inclusion Indicators with Alissa Rousch and Phil Strain 
October 29 – Denver Metro  Meeting 
November 3 – North Central Meeting 
November 5 – Northeast  Meeting 
November 6 – Overflow Meeting

Contact Marcia Blum for more information or past resources.

CDE Statewide Preschool Meeting

The statewide preschool meeting is held in early spring of each year. Sessions are provided to promote the continuous improvement of inclusive preschool practices and the leadership capacity of preschool general and special education administrators, Child Find Coordinators, CPP Coordinators and other administrators who oversee the preschool special education process.

For more information, contact Marcia Blum.

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