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Targeted Professional Learning

Narrowing the Focus

These targeted workshops developed by CDE have focused content and require a commitment building upon foundations that are previously accessed by the participants.

  • There may be prerequisites for participation.
  • There may be ongoing feedback from the facilitators. Teams should plan for full participation and follow-up activities.
  • Reflection and group activities will be in a face-to-face setting that can either be live or through a virtual classroom.
  • To complete the learning experience, participants are expected to transfer the knowledge to practice.

Preschool Professional Learning Targeted Content icon

Improving Assessment, Preschool Services and Supports for Culturally, Linguistically and Diverse Children in Partnership with Families

This blended self-paced course brings content developed and co-facillitated by Clara Perez Mendez and Dr. Susan Moore of Puentes Culturales into a comprehensive examination of evidence-based practices for young children and their families whose background is culturally, linguistically, and/or ability diverse. The course consists of five learning modules that cover the following topics:

Module 1—Developing Leadership Capacity
Module 2—Understanding the Language Development of Children Learning More than One Language
Module 3—Reliable and Valid Assessment of Dual Language Learning: Stages, Processes, & Procedures
Module 4—Culturally Responsive Teaching
Module 5—Partnerships with Teachers in ECE Classrooms & Settings: Consultation, Collaboration, & Coaching.

Individuals may register. There are also coaching opportunities for up to three selected district teams will include a combination of live video conferencing, an online forum, feedback on evaluations, and tailored enrichment learning activities. Contact Chris Miller for more information.

More information and link to register

Transdisciplinary Play-Based Assessment, 2nd Edition (TPBA-2)

Transdisciplinary Play-Based Assessment, Second Edition (TPBA2) is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow process for assessing four critical developmental domains—sensorimotor, emotional and social, communication, and cognitive—through observation of the child's play with family members, peers, and professionals. This training is for those individuals who are joining existing trained teams, or for full teams who have a commitment to implementing and sustaining TPBA-2 practices. Please contact Chris Miller for information and application process for registering teams.

Transdisciplinary Play-Based Assessment, 2nd Edition (TPBA-2), Follow Up Visit and Observation Feedback
If your team has been trained by CDE and Early Learning Dynamics in the last five years and you have not received an individualized site visit to observe and give feedback on your practices, please consider requesting a visit. Please contact Chris Miller if you know this is a need for your team. Space is limited and observations are being scheduled on a first come first serve basis.
Transdisciplinary Play-Based Intervention, 2nd Edition (TPBI-2), Initial Training
The focus of this training is on Transdisciplinary Play-Based Intervention, 2nd Edition. Participants will connect their play-based assessments to appropriate classroom interventions and IEP goals. We will be offering this training for those who have already been trained by CDE and Early Learning Dynamics and are implementing TPB Assessment practices at a high level of fidelity. Contact Chris Miller for more information about reaching fidelity and registering for this offering.

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