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P-3 Stories

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The first decade of a child’s life is the most opportune time to influence learning paths and ensure the very best outcomes for all children. Traditionally education and care for young children has been thought of as a birth – age five then K – 12 experience.  There is a growing awareness, and strong research base in the importance of a coherent, aligned system of support for families and children in preschool through third grade (P-3) in order to ensure school readiness and promote school success.  Taken together a P-3, or preschool through grade three, approach to early learning is taking hold nationally.  P-3 efforts are also emerging  and growing across Colorado. This space is for school and district leaders throughout the state to share stories and collaborate to drive greater change for all young children.

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Create Your Story

School and district leaders across the state are invited to share stories and collaborate on practices, policies, perceptions, challenges, opportunities and successes related to P-3 work. Create and share your own story and connect with others on the impact of your P-3 work.Think about what story you would like to tell. What accomplishment would you like to share? Is there a lesson learned that would be beneficial for others to hear? How has your work impacted young children? Be sure to check out the storytelling tips as you jot down your story ideas.

Storytelling Tips

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School and district leaders across the state are invited to share stories and collaborate to drive greater change for all young children.The stories showcase successes, document lessons learned, and illustrate the impact of P-3 work.

Connect with other Colorado leaders to strengthen P-3 work in your local community and across the state

Use the interactive map or easy search bar to learn more about P-3 in Colorado.

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Colorado's P-3 Leadership Cadre

In an effort to advance statewide learning of P-3 approaches to leading elementary schools, the Teaching and Learning Unit at CDE  initiated a P-3 School Leadership Cadre which involved school leadership teams from across the state in a professional learning community.  Visit the P-3 Leadership Cadre page to learn more about the goals, next steps and lessons learned from the P-3 Cadre members through school and district profiles.  


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