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P-3 at CDE

The Department continues to work towards implementing our vision of an integrated P-3 system by bringing together the  Office of Early Learning and School Readiness and the Office of Literacy. The teams will come together under one P-3 Office lead by Anji Gallanos  as the new state P-3 Director. She will oversee the Literacy, Early Childhood Professional Development, School Readiness, and Preschool teams. Anji comes to Colorado with an extensive background in literacy, Head Start, special education, early childhood and K-3 education at the district, state and federal level. Most recently, she served as the Early Learning Administrator at the Alaska Department of Education. Please join us in welcoming Anji.

The following is a snapshot of additional P-3 efforts at the Colorado Department of Education:

  • P-3 Leadership Cadre – small group of Principal lead teams in schools learning about and working on developing P-3 learning systems. 
  • Literacy – numerous programs through the Office of Literacy including the Early Literacy Grants, professional development, and implementation of the READ Act.
  • Early Learning in ESSA – P-3 early learning is included in Colorado’s ESSA state plan. Efforts continue to identify opportunities to support early learning at the state and local district level.
  • School Readiness – training, technical assistance and grants supporting school and district level P-3 efforts.  This includes school readiness assessment, and the “Power of Kindergarten” training promoting the awareness of developmentally appropriate practices.
  • Colorado Preschool Program/ECARE – Half-day preschool program for eligible 3 – 5 year olds.  To qualify children must have risk factors in their lives that could be barriers to success.  CPP is funded through school finance dollars.  A portion of the funding can be used to cover the cost of additional CPP slots, or for full-day kindergarten (ECARE).
  • Special Education Preschool – Funded by IDEA, preschool services for special needs children ages 3-5.
  • Results Matter – Colorado’s program supporting the collection of authentic assessment data to inform classroom instruction and, program and policy decisions.  Involves cross-unit and cross-agency partnerships.
  • Early Childhood Professional Development  - cross-unit and cross-agency partnerships that have led to the creation of an online Early Childhood Professional Development System (PDIS) supporting adults that work with children from birth through age eight.  Part of a public/private partnership working on an EC Industry Economic Analysis, EC Workforce Survey, EC Policy Scan, and Colorado’s EC Workforce 2020 Plan.


Additional Connections to P-3 at the Colorado Department of Education  

Office of Learning Supports

Office of Standards and Instructional Support