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Standard Course Codes - Project Details


The Statewide Standard Course Code system is used to load a single file containing course code mappings.  A mapping shows the relationship between the Local Education Agency's local course code to a statewide standard course code. The Colorado Department of education uses the SCED version 3.0 codes for the statewide standard course codes. The course code mappings are required as part of the Teacher Student Data Link collection, and LEAs must map courses prior to submitting student and educator course data. 

In the 2016-2017 year, the SSCC moved to SCED code version 3.0 and older codes will be inactivated. Local Education Agencies will be required to update any mappings containing deprecated SCED codes. LEAs will need to map all their local courses to a statewide standard course code, including electives, courses offered at post-secondary institutions (concurrent enrollment), online courses, credit recovery courses, and any courses LEAs offer to their students. 

The Statewide Standard Course Code system is used to compare course offerings across school districts and longitudinal analysis. There are a variety of users and reports that utilize the SSCC data including but not limited to the Office of Civil Rights, the Student Course Participation and Achievement Report, and CAP4K Monitoring. 


  • The 2017-2018 Statewide Standard Course Code Interchange is now open and will remain open until September 1st, 2018.

File Layout and Definitions


  • Template for uploading a file to the SSCC system - This link opens an Excel spreadsheet that districts can use to fill out and then upload into the SSCC system. Please remember to remove the header of the spreadsheet before uploading to the SSCC system.


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