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Early Childhood At-Risk Enhancement - ECARE

General Guidelines for the Early Childhood At-Risk Enhancement (ECARE) Program:

HB 19-1262 makes changes to ECARE positions that until 2019 have been able to be used to fund half-day preschool, combined for full-day preschool or to provide full-day kindergarten(C.R.S. 22-28-104.3)(b). For the 2019-20 budget year and each budget year thereafter, the Department shall not allocate to a district, and a district shall not use, a preschool program position to enroll a child in a full day of the district’s full-day kindergarten educational program. In addition to the 20,160 traditional CPP positions, the General Assembly authorized funding for 9,200 CPP positions, called ECARE positions, that may be used to fund half- or full-day preschool.

ECARE Requirements

  • Programs using ECARE positions to fund children in preschool must meet all the requirements noted for CPP.

    • Children funded by ECARE positions must have the appropriate number of significant family risk factors documented.

    • Two ECARE positions may be combined to create a full-day preschool opportunity for an eligible child.

    • Districts have the flexibility to use their ECARE positions differently from year to year to best fit their community's needs.
    • ECARE positions may not be used to serve kindergarten age-eligible children in preschool.

    Children Served with ECARE in 2017-18*

  • Half- Day Preschool: 1,571
  • Full-Day Preschool: 713
  • Kindergarten: 5,203

*Per statute reporting requirements, data to be updated after January 15 for the next year. 

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