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Funding and the October Count - Full-day Preschool Flexibility

Serving One Child with Two “Slots” to Fund a Full-day of Preschool

The Legislature allows school districts to apply to CDE for authorization to serve a single child in preschool using two “slots” to fund a full-day program.

  • Statute specifies that only 5% of the children that CPP is authorized to serve in preschool may be funded in this way. (This limitation does not apply to ECARE slots)
  • If a school district determines that a child has a significant need for full-day services and there is no other funding available (Child Care Assistance Program, tuition, private grants or scholarships, etc.), that district may apply to CDE for the flexibility to serve a child/children in a full-day program.
  • Each child that is approved to be served in a full-day preschool program will use 2 CPP preschool “slots” out of the school district’s total preschool allocation.
  • Approval for full-day slot allocation is required through CDE.

Preschool Students with a Disability

  • If a child is placed on an individual education plan (IEP) on or before the pupil enrollemnt count date AND is eligible for CPP, districts may combine the half-day PPR and the single CPP slot to create a full day of preschool services for that student.
  • IEP must allow for at least 90 hours of teacher-pupil instruction and teacher-pupil contact time. With the addition of the single CPP slot, student will receive 180 hours of teacher-pupil contact and instruction.

Under no circumstances will a school district be allowed to exceed their preschool allocation, and CDE will not authorize more than 1,008 preschool children to be served using double slots. (This limitation does not apply to ECARE slots)

More Information

If you have any questions about the October or November count please contact Heidi McCaslin, 303-866-6720, or 

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