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CPP Eligibility Factor - Parent/Guardian Has Not Completed High School

Clarification of Eligibility Factor

The child’s parent or guardian has not successfully completed a high school education or its equivalent. (22-28-106 (1) (a.5) (VI) C.R.S.).

How it May Be Documented

  • Family interview revealed a parent or guardian did not complete high school or equivalent as documented by family interview or application
  • School District verification

Significance of Factor in regards to School Readiness

  • Higher parental education levels are strongly associated with the home literacy environment, parental teaching styles, and investments in a variety of resources that promote learning.
  • Children whose mothers have higher levels of education do better in general in reading and mathematics, and are more likely to accept peer ideas in play, make friends, and comfort others. They are more likely to persist at tasks, seem eager to learn, and pay attention.
  • Twelve or fewer years of education for either parent is associated with higher rates of reading disabilities in children. Children whose mothers have less than a high school education miss more school per year due to chronic absenteeism than those of mothers with a high school education or more.

Additional Resources for Families and Staff:

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