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CPP Eligibility Factor - Child Is in Need of Language Development

Clarification of Eligibility Factor

In need of language development, including but not limited to the ability to speak English. (C.R.S. 22-28-106 (1)(a)(II)).

  • Included in this category are difficulties with language, speech, vocabulary, the frequency of speech, or the delay of when a child begins speaking. It is typical for some three- and four-year-olds to have speech that is sometimes difficult to understand. This does not necessarily put them at risk for academic failure.
  • Research suggests that the long-term achievement of children learning English is greatly influenced by their fluency in both their first language and English and the level of family and community resources available to them, not just by their status as dual-language learners.

How It May Be Documented

  • The child is a Dual Language Learner as documented by the district Home Language Survey
  • Developmental screening for language was borderline or below age expectations
  • Speech evaluation; referral/consultation with a speech therapist, or physician referral - child does not qualify for special education. 
  • Teacher or caregiver observation and documentation of concerns
  • Extensive documentation of family concerns that align with language concerns​

Significance of Factor in regards to School Readiness

  • Language is the foundation for literacy and learning that helps a child be ready for school. Children who start kindergarten with large vocabularies will likely read better.
  • In order to be ready for school, young children who are dual language learners (DLLs) and those who speak English all require high-quality experiences in each of the Big 5—all day, every day, every child. The Big 5 are Background Knowledge; Oral Language and Vocabulary; Book Knowledge and Print Concepts; Alphabet Knowledge and Early Writing; and Phonological Awareness (National Center for Early Childhood Development, Teaching and Learning, 2019). 

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