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CPP Eligibility Factor - Frequent Relocation of the Child's Family

Clarification of Eligibility Factor 

Frequent relocation by the child’s family to new residences (C.R.S.22-28-106 (1) (a.5) (VII)).

How It May Be Documented

Please note: the district advisory council should define “frequent” in accordance with their community.

  • Parent has reported frequent relocations
  • DHS or School District have verified frequent relocations

Significance of Factor in regards to School Readiness

  • Children whose families move frequently face both academic and social disruption. High mobility is associated with lower test scores, grade retention, and referral to special education.
  • Beyond negative academic consequences, frequent relocation can affect a child’s nutrition and health and has been linked to behavioral problems.
  • In many cases, highly mobile students have personal or family problems that contribute to their mobility. It should be noted that a strong likelihood of the presence of other risk factors in the child and family’s life exists and that cumulatively these factors can impact a child’s school success.

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