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CPP Eligibility Factor - Drug or Alcohol Abuse in the Child's Family

Clarification of Eligibility Factor

Drug or alcohol abuse in the child’s family (C.R.S 22-28-106 (1)(a.5)(IV)) - Abuse may be present or past. 

How It May Be Documented

  • Family reports drug or alcohol abuse in the family as documented by family interview or application
  • DHS, school district, or other agency reports
  • Police or Court report documents drug or alcohol abuse in the family

Significance of Factor in regards to School Readiness

  • Children with prenatal drug exposure scored significantly lower on measures of language, school readiness skills, impulse control, and visual attention span/sequencing than controls matched for age and socioeconomic.
  • The abuse can dangerously compromise or destroy the ability of parents to provide intellectual stimulation and literacy modeling. Mood altering substances can make a parent’s behavior erratic and thus disrupt the parent-child relationship.
  • Children exposed to substance abuse often have difficulty regulating their feelings and impulses

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