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ECARE (Early Childhood At-Risk Enhancement)

In addition to the 20,160 traditional CPP positions, the General Assembly has authorized funding for 9,200 ECARE positions that may be used to fund half- or full-day preschool (C.R.S. 22-28-104.3).

ECARE Requirements:

  • Programs using ECARE positions to fund preschool children must meet all the requirements noted for CPP
  • Children funded with ECARE positions must have the appropriate number of significant family risk factors documented
  • Two ECARE positions may be combined to create a full-day preschool opportunity for an eligible child
  • A child who qualifies under IDEA as a child with a disability and thus eligible for a half-day of preschool general education may be funded for an additional half-day of programming if they meet the eligibility criteria of ECARE, creating a full-day opportunity. This combination of funding must be used to increase the hours of programming for a child from a half-day to a full-day program
  • Second year of preschool:
    • ECARE positions may be used to fund a second year of preschool for eligible children served with CPP funds as three-year-olds in the prior school year
    • ECARE positions may not be used to fund a second year of preschool for children served with CPP funds as four-year-olds
    • ECARE/CPP positions may not be used to serve kindergarten age-eligible children in preschool

For assistance with Colorado Preschool Program questions, please contact your regional CDE Preschool Specialist.