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CPP Facts

High-quality early learning experiences provide a lifetime of benefits for Colorado’s children. Through strong partnerships with districts and communities, the Colorado Department of Education delivers results for our first goal: Start Strong. Local investment of CPP funding in both district and community sites increases choice for families and these strong collaborations result in positive outcomes for children. Since its inception in 1988, CPP has provided essential early learning experiences for more than 378,000 young children.


Children are determined eligible for CPP based on certain risk factors present in their lives, which have been shown to be associated with later challenges in school.

  • Four-year-old students must have at least one risk factor present, although most children served show two or more.
  • Three-year-olds must have at least three factors present.

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By the Numbers

In the 2017-18* School Year:

Total Authorized Slots for 2017-18: 28,300
Total Enrollment: 26,650 (Number of children enrolled is lower than authorized slot total because some children are served full-day using two CPP slots)

Enrollment by Age:

  • Kindergarteners – 5,204
  • 5-year-olds - 743
  • 4-year-olds – 14,581
  • 3-year-olds – 5,713
  • Children under 3 – 409 (Some districts are able to serve younger children through a waiver granted at the initiation of the Colorado Preschool Program. This option is no longer statutorily available.)

Enrollment by Length of Day:

  • Half-Day Preschool - 19,117
  • Full-Day Preschool - 2,330 
  • Full-Day Kindergarten - 5,203

Number of School Districts Participating: 175 of 179

Program Funding:

  • Total CPP Funding: $111,245,923
    • Colorado average for preschool spending per slot: $4,095
  • Total Colorado Funding for K-12: $6.63 Billion

*Per statute reporting requirements, data to be updated after January 15 for the next year's information.