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Computer Science Education (CSEd) Grant Program

Computer Science Education Grant

The Computer Science Grants Program, created by House Bill 19-1277, was passed by the Colorado Legislature in 2019 with an appropriation of $250,000. The grant’s purpose is to provide funding to increase enrollment or participation of traditionally underrepresented students in computer science education activities. Competitive grant awards will be distributed to LEPs, including school districts, BOCES, and district charter schools or Institute Charter Schools. Funding for this grant program will be awarded in the 2022-23 fiscal year.

Grant Purpose & Information

CDE will administer the grant program and distribute grant funds through a competitive process to increase enrollment, and/or participation, of traditionally underrepresented students in computer science education activities. The application process will begin in Fall 2020 and awards will be distributed for use during the 2020-21 school year. Applicants may apply for up to $10,000 of funding which meets the following:
  • The Computer Science Grants program will focus on activities that
    • Increase student awareness
    • Implement outreach
    • Improve learning spaces
  • In addition, funding may be used to purchase resources to support the implementation of computer science education activities.
    • This includes technology equipment equal to no more than 50% of the total grant award.
  • For the purpose of this grant traditionally underrepresented students might include:
    • Gender equity and access;
    • Race and ethnicity equity and access;
    • Students who are enrolled in special education services or programs;
    • Students who are English language learners; and
    • Students who are eligible for free or reduced-cost lunch.